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Eddeva Park Masterplan

Housing with identity. Distinct character areas across an 80 dwelling community combine to create meaningful shared open spaces. Situated at the edge of the city, the arrangement of houses gently transitions from urban to rural living, maintaining an outward focus towards nature throughout.
Visualisation of the Social square at Eddeva Park, Cambridge | architects CDC Studio
The masterplan site is located between Worts Causeway and Babraham Road
The Eddeva Park site is located on the edge Cambridge, overlooking fields.
Aerial photograph of the site (in red)
Aerial visualisation
  • Number of Homes

  • Affordable Homes

    32 (40%) - Mix of rent and shared ownership
  • Parking

    112 Private Parking. 21 visitor parking spaces. 1 Car club parking space
  • Sustainability

    All electric homes with ASHP, MVHR and PV provision.
  • Biodiversity

    10% Biodiversity Net Gain
  • Play space

    4 Pocket parks and Play areas
  • Public space

    Eastern buffer landscaped area, Linear Park, Green link community space, Central community square
Aerial visualisation looking towards Addenbrook Hospital and Cambridge City.

The masterplan design aims to maximise the quality of the public realm and introduce a higher level of planting and on-site biodiversity. To do this the dwelling plots are optimised by creating a a compact housing model, promoting upper terraces and integral parking as well as maximizing heights within the planning constraints. 80 dwellings, including 40% affordable housing, are created within the masterplan design.

CONCEPT / Diagramatic section showing the stepping of scale towards the eastern buffer
green linear parkland landscape at Eddeva Park, Cambridge | architects CDC Studio
Visualisation of the Social square at Eddeva Park, Cambridge | architects CDC Studio
House types

"The masterplan design has created distinct character areas across the site, with the aim to provide variation in the design that reflects differences in location and scale to provide a richness in identity."

Robin Dryer CDC Studio
Aerial visualisation
Eddeva Park ground floor plan
Hakonechloa Macra All Gold. Image credit Katherine Wager-Reiss
Landscape Masterplan
Landscape Masterplan tree strategy
SUDS / DRAINAGE PRINCIPLES: The proposed site drainage will be developed alongside the site wide drainage strategy in close coordination with the engineers The strategy is looking to use a series of SuDS - including rain gardens (Phase 1 Infrastructure), vegetated attenuation basins, permeable paving etc. across the site Drainage channel dishes running along the Street aim to direct water to soft areas / gullies Vegetated attenuation basins will form an integral part of the Eastern Edge with planting to soften its edges; its sides are gently sloped with intermediate banks for safety A mix of a soft & hard surfaced attenuation basin for flexible use is located in the Community Square
Street elevations.
View from Worts Causeway down the principal street
The 'Linear Park' provides a large, green recreation space
Concept sketch for the Community Square
  • Client

    This Land
  • Location

  • Budget

  • Design Team

    Farrer Huxley
    MHA Stuctural Desigh
    Max Fordham
  • Team

    Robin Dryer, Mark Clarke, Delphine Dryer, Elliot Shaw, James Howells, Ting Khu, Ciara Fitzpatrick, Ana Pratas
  • Images

    Farrer Huxley
    CDC Studio
    Haze Visualisations