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CDC Studio

Y House

A new outlook through pine trees. A new build home whose fragmented form responds to the natural light available on site, presenting views over the fields beyond.
Concept sketch

The design evolved through several iterations, which were all designed using 3-dimensional computer models and walk-through animations. This helped our client better understand the potential qualities of space and light. The form of the house became a notional ‘Y’. opening and widening to the garden from the entrance.

The ground floor living spaces have different ceiling heights, and glazing to capture the sun at different times of the day and year
Steel and timber frame structure
Location plan
  • Client

  • Location

  • Budget

  • Design Team

    Mott Macdonald
    Gawn Assoc.
    Woodley Coles
  • Contractor

    CJ Murfitt
  • Team

    Robin Dryer, Delphine Dryer, Sam Greaves, Elliot Shaw
  • Photographs

    Richard Chivers