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CDC Studio

Woodland Villas

A small village of homes nestled within planting welcome you to a new community. Staggered clusters of a rural housing typology developed as part of the Eddeva Park masterplan.
Aerial concept art for Woodland villas residence showing house positions by CDC studio
Woodland Villas Concept sketch
3d rendering of a typical 4 bed house as designed for the Woodland Villas site, by CDC studios
Woodland Villas - Typical 4 bed House

Each house is separated into two pitched roof forms, breaking down the apparent mass, and creating a staggered footprint maximising opportunities for views of the green landscape. An open plan ground floor incorporates generous amounts of glazing to provide views of the garden area and green landscape beyond.

Woodland Villas - Typical 5 bed house

The house design aims to maximise the opportunities for residents to gain access to, and enjoy, the natural surroundings. Pocket patio spaces create amenity space enveloped in a diverse collage of planting and landscape design. An open plan ground floor enables the living spaces to connect directly to these exterior amenity spaces, strengthening the relationship between interior spaces and countryside.

Woodland Villas front rendering in sepia, with residents passing through.
Woodlands surrounding building site
woodland surrounding building site
What the new Woodland Villas by CDC studio would look like in the winter
Landscape plan showing location of the site in environs
Woodland Villas - location plan
Landscape plan showing the intended walkways to communal green spaces between house clusters
Elevation of all Woodland Villas housing projects, by CDC studios
Street Elevations
Interior view looking out from Woodland Villas
Front view of Woodland Villa house visualisation
Visualisation by CDC studio of three Woodland Villa houses lined up
  • Client

    This Land
  • Location

  • Budget

  • Design Team

    Farrer Huxley
    Michael Hadi Associates
    Max Fordham
  • Team

    Robin Dryer, Mark Clarke, Delphine Dryer, Elliot Shaw, James Howells, Ting Khu, Ciara Fitzpatrick, Ana Pratas
  • Images

    Farrah Huxley
    CDC Studio
    Haze Visualisations